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Diversity in Intelligent Automation

Time: 47:34
Transform NOW Podcast Diversity in Intelligent Automation (#BreakTheBias)

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Embracing our Differences to Enhance the Future of Work

LinkedIn Audio Live sponsored a discussion about "Diversity in Intelligent Automation" on Thursday, February 10. Over 60 people were in attendance. Hosted by Ian Barkin, the event featured a panel discussion with the following participants: BPinIA Founder Alionna Gardner, BPinIA Co-Founder Shiyanbade Animashaun, RPA Jargon Buster Founder Tolani Jaiye-Tikolo, and Reveal Group Partner Amahl Williams.

Here’s what the panel, moderated by Ian Barkin, discussed:

  • How Black Professionals in Intelligent Automation is helping people get ahead of the future of work and benefit from it as as opposed to being impacted by it
  • Why intelligent automation is such an exciting space in which to build a career
  • What diversity means to people on a personal level
  • How to encourage and drive diversity and inclusion in the intelligent automation industry

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