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Embracing Citizen Developers at Emerson

Time: 23:24
Transform NOW Podcast with Paul Ferguson of Emerson

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Citizen-Led Automation at its Best

In the world of RPA, Citizen Developers create new business solutions using no-code development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT. Often, these individuals are impassioned business users looking to overcome obstacles or increase efficiencies who are able to build automations without any prior coding experience. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Paul Ferguson, VP Finance Shared Services at Emerson, who explains how the citizen developer model has significantly impacted the adoption and benefits of intelligent automation at his global company.

Here’s what we talked with Paul about:

  • The automation journey at Emerson
  • The importance of the citizen developer model to Emerson in RPA
  • How Emerson built momentum around citizen development
  • How Emerson's operating model supports citizen development
  • How to ensure proper governance in a citizen developer model
  • Keys to success with citizen-led intelligent automation

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