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Empowering Digital Workers with Process Intelligence

Time: 32:32
Transform NOW Podcast with Matt Williams of ABBYY and Bruce Mazza of Blue Prism

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"Those who mine, automate."

Blue Prism announced in October 2021 the addition of Process Intelligence powered by ABBYY Timeline. This new capability, which provides both process and task mining to Blue Prism users, enables organizations to take an automated, fact-based approach toward finding the next best automation that could benefit their enterprise. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Matt Williams, Healthcare Industry Lead at ABBYY, and Bruce Mazza, GM Process Intelligence at Blue Prism, who explain how process intelligence is a key inflection point in the intelligent automation space.

Here’s what we talked with Matt and Bruce about:

  • The definition of process intelligence
  • Why ABBYY was selected as the technology partner to provide this capability
  • The difference between process mining and task mining
  • How process intelligence improves the process automation development cycle
  • Where machine learning and predictive analytics come into play in process intelligence
  • Examples of industry-specific use cases that benefit from process intelligence
  • Customer success stories demonstrating the power of process intelligence combined with intelligent automation
  • How Blue Prism is helping existing and new customers get familiar with process intelligence
  • What the typical ramp-up looks like with process and task mining
  • How Process Intelligence is a major inflection point for Blue Prism intelligent automation
  • What is unique about the Blue Prism and ABBYY Timeline solution

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