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Establishing Digital Maturity

Time: 36:40
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Leslie Willcocks of London School of Economics and Darshan Jain of Blue Prism

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The "North Star" for Intelligent Automation

For most organizations well into their automation journey, understanding how they compare to their peers and how to address their weaknesses is critically important. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Dr. Leslie Willcocks, professor at London School of Economics, and Darshan Jain, Head of Financial Services at Blue Prism, who explain how they have collaborated on a digital maturity assessment to address this need.

Here’s what we talked with Dr. Willcocks and Darshan about:

  • What automation-focused senior executives want to know
  • The origins of the digital maturity assessment and its purpose
  • The two major components of digital maturity
  • The digital maturity assessment outputs
  • Why digital maturity is so important to measure
  • Some examples of Blue Prism customers that have gone through the digital maturity assessment

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