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Get Ready for Data-Savvy Digital Workers

Time: 31:33
Transform NOW Podcast with Melissa Burroughs of Alteryx

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From Data to Insights to Actions

Across all industries, the ability to turn data into information is critical to success. To address this challenge, Alteryx provides a no-code analytics platform for automating and transforming data-driven tasks. Now, in combination with digital workers who can source data for Alteryx and act upon the insights produced by it, the value proposition has been extended even further. Analytics automation and RPA is a match made in heaven! On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Melissa Burroughs, Head of Technology Solutions at Alteryx, who explains how Alteryx is bringing insights to life for business users and how Blue Prism digital workers can put those insights into motion.

Here’s what we talked with Melissa about:

  • What analytic process automation involves
  • The Alteryx value proposition to the market
  • The typical Alteryx user base within a company and how they learn the technology
  • How Blue Prism and Alteryx complement each other
  • Use case examples involving Alteryx and Blue Prism working together
  • Customer success story (Alteryx + Blue Prism)

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