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Goto.Energy Takes a New Approach and Shakes Up the Utilities Industry

Time: 20:53
Transform NOW Podcast with Evan Salway of goto.energy

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Taking a Digital-First Strategy for RPA

On this episode, goto.energy shares how to follow a digital-first strategy for successfully implementing RPA and intelligent automation in utilities. Evan Salway, CFO of goto.energy, joins Jason Burton from Blue Prism to talk about how following a digital-first strategy allowed goto.energy to take a new approach within the utilities sector with a focus on being a ‘greentech’ company rather than just a green energy company.

Here’s what we talked with Evan about:

  • How goto.energy has deployed digital workers across their organization
  • Delivering a better customer experience with a digital-first strategy
  • Attracting investors and raising profit margins with intelligent automation

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