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Human-Centered Automation

Time: 24:34
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Kam Star of SS&C Blue Prism

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Humans as the Beneficiaries of Automation

As the pace of change driven by Intelligent Automation continues to accelerate, it's critical to make sure that removing the inefficiency from work doesn't also remove the joy from work. On this podcast, Brad speaks with Dr. Kam Star, VP Product Portfolio of SS&C Blue Prism, who explains how a human-centered automation approach can help keep the workplace as human as possible in an age when automation is changing everything around us.

Here’s what we talked with Kam about:

  • How intelligent automation has evolved
  • An explanation of human-centered automation
  • How human-centered automation is changing the way we work and feel about our jobs
  • The best way for companies to put human-centered automation into practice
  • The importance of considering digital workers as co-workers
  • Which employees are the most important to upskill in most companies
  • The risks associated with human-centered automation
  • How Kam’s passion for human-centered automation impacts his role at Blue Prism

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