Podcast | 111

Identity is the New Blue

Time: 27:53
Transform NOW Podcast with Mike Kiser of SailPoint Technologies

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Identity Finally Gets its Day in the Sun

The global pandemic has brought identity management to the forefront like never before. Company leaders across all industries, especially those using hybrid workforces (human and digital), are more focused than ever on understanding and securing identity as a core corporate discipline. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Mike Kiser, Senior Identity Strategist at SailPoint Technologies, who explains why it's critically important for companies in the digital economy to think a step ahead with identity management, not just catch up to where they should have been all along.

Here’s what we talked with Mike about:

  • How identity is defined
  • The meaning of "identity is the new blue"
  • Where most companies are falling short in identity access management and cybersecurity
  • How SailPoint helps companies address it blind spots related to identity
  • How the integration of SailPoint and Blue Prism gives enterprises visibility into governing digital workers like their human counterparts
  • How organizations benefit the most by using SailPoint and Blue Prism together
  • Customer success stories involving SailPoint and Blue Prism
  • What the future holds for Identity Access Management

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