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Insights from a Process Implementation and Optimization Developer

Time: 18:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Vipul Tiwari of Amazon

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Automation is an Excellent Place to Build a Career

The key to a successful transformation project is to transform attitudes towards automation and transition from automating as-is to optimizing first. On this podcast, Vipul Tiwari, process implementation and optimization developer discusses his successful career in automation and how he approaches the business. The methodology for successful transformation requires taking the whole company on your transformation journey and getting business buy in to optimize then automate. By going through clear stages that explore key milestones to transformation focused on business outcomes, he builds trust across the business in digital capabilities. And if you are considering a role in automation, he shares some tips for people on how to jump into a role like his, how to get support and build an exciting future.

Here’s what we talked with Vipul about:

  • How to approach transformation with each automated process
  • Methodology that works to build trust and engage the business
  • Top tips for anyone looking to kickstart a career in automation

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