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Intelligent Automation is Now Transformational

Time: 33:04
Transform NOW Podcast with Lee Coulter of Blue Prism

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From a Technology to an Alternative Labor Source

With so much change taking place in the global workforce and business environment, in general, intelligent automation is more relevant to executive leadership than ever before. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Lee Coulter, Senior Transformation Advisor at Blue Prism, who explains many organizations are now embracing automation as they've learned how integral it is to enterprise transformation.

Here’s what we talked with Lee about:

  • Key trends in intelligent automation over the past two years
  • Why many companies are not scaling their automation capability
  • Big changes taking place in the workforce
  • How most companies view RPA today
  • The impact of digital native disrupters
  • How intelligent automation plays a key role in digital transformation
  • Digital labor’s relationship to offshoring/BPO
  • Automation’s seat at the c-suite table
  • A high-level teaser on the strategic work Blue Prism is doing

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