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Intelligent Automation's Impact on the C-Suite in the Next Five Years

Time: 25:45
Podcast Presented by Blue Prism Transform NOW Pascal Gautheron Partner Bain & Company

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Prioritizing Automation on the Corporate Agenda

Digital transformation is at the top of the C-level agenda with a sense of urgency significantly increased as a result of the pandemic. Intelligent automation will continue to be a foundational component of this transformation in many companies. Forward thinking executive leaders realize that a shared, scalable resource pool of digital workers with AI-enabled intelligent skills can free up their human labor to focus on the most important activities. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Pascal Gautheron of Bain & Company to get his thoughts and predictions on the coming era of digital transformation.

Here’s what we talked with Pascal about:

  • How important it has become to the C-Suite to re-evaluate the “future of work” for their organizations
  • How most C-Suite executives view intelligent automation and how that needs to change
  • How companies are adding AI to their automation capability
  • Where AI will have the biggest impact for most companies
  • Which industries will lead the way in intelligent automation going forward
  • Which company leaders will play the biggest role in digital transformation
  • What is required of companies in transformation to reinvent/reimagine work across the enterprise

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