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Intelligent Digital Workers Transform Supply Chain Status Quo

Time: 35:41
Transform NOW Podcast Intelligent Digital Workers Transform Supply Chain Status Quo

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Transforming the Supply Chain with RPA and Intelligent Automation

Complex supply chains have embraced intelligent automation as a path to optimize and realize business outcomes. On this podcast, Xina Seaton interviews Kim Meredith with Sysco, Margarita Marengo with The Hershey Company, and Vandana Khanna with Unilever to understand how they are leveraging digital workers across their supply chains and the benefits they are realizing.

Here’s what we talked with Kim, Margarita and Vandana about:

  • How organizations are transforming the way the supply chains functions
  • Accelerating transformation by applying successful outcomes in one factory into a global rollout
  • The need for trust and therefore audits, rules and ethics surrounding everything that digital workers do
  • How peer to peer sharing can help new employees foster trust in their new digital colleagues

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