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Is Your Digital Data Working Hard Enough For You?

Time: 18:36
Transform NOW Podcast with Kevin O'Shaughnessy of Alpha FMC

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Automation in Asset and Wealth Management

Wealth managers and asset managers have long taken a personalized approach to their customer services. However, things are changing as firms look to understand the customer journey using the treasure trove of data from these interactions. Host Michael Marchuk talks with Kevin O'Shaughnessey, executive director with Alpha FMC, about how asset managers and wealth managers are leveraging technology and automation to provide the insights that can be incorporated into personalized conversations with their clients.

Here’s what we talked with Kevin about:

  • How wealth and asset managers are missing opportunities to provide more holistic engagement with their clients
  • Why automating access to the analytics of the customer journey can provide new insights to offer more personalized attention and guidance
  • How automation projects naturally bring IT and business teams together to focus on beneficial outcomes for asset managers and wealth managers.

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