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Keeping Pace with Transformation in Banking and Insurance

Time: 25:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Alastair Robertson of Zurich and Abhi Kadian of Westpac Banking Corporation

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Transformation is Both a Journey and a Destination

Transformation might be a buzz word today but intelligent automation is playing a key role on the journey and proving to be a competitive differentiator as well. On this podcast, Xina Seaton speaks with Alastair Robertson, Head of Continuous Improvement, Automation & Predictive Analytics at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd and Abhi Kadian, Head of Robotics & Intelligent Automation Services at Westpac Banking Corporation to explore how they and other Blue Prism customers are activating their digital workforce to meet business needs and delight their teams and customers.

Here’s what we talked with Ally and Abhi about:

  • What transformation means to the business within Zurich and Westpac
  • The journey through modernization, optimization to market differentiation
  • Managing maturity of different business units on their intelligent automation evolution
  • The importance of executive buy-in but true adoption comes after a breakout moment and cultural shift

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