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Making the Most of Human Integrity and Skills with a Digital Workforce

Time: 29:17
Transform NOW Podcast with Benjamin Berkowitz of Mass General Brigham

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Intelligent Automation is Working for Mass General Brigham

Two years ago, as Benjamin Berkowitz (then Director of Revenue Cycle Operations at Mass General Brigham) was doing the budget for Mass General's 700-strong revenue cycle team, he realized they had a lot of talented and knowledgeable people doing really menial tasks.

He thought: "there must be a better way to do the work that we do". Now, two years later, Mass General Brigham uses intelligent automation to release thousands of hours of staff time to focus on more valuable and rewarding tasks. This has resulted in $10,000,000 worth of cost savings.

Listen to the full session now to understand how they've been able to achieve such impressive results, and what the future holds for automation at Mass General Brigham.

Here’s what we talked with Benjamin about:

  • Enterprise-wide processes, such as payroll and supply chain leveraging digital workers across ten different functional areas
  • Getting employees to see their digital counterparts as co-workers rather than a threat, cultural adoption is key
  • How they have seen savings increase from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $10 million with 35 processes now in place

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