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Managing the Risks and Returns of Intelligent Automation

Time: 21:40
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Federico Berruti of McKinsey & Company

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Governing Decisions Fueled by Automation and AI

As the breadth and complexity of intelligent automation continue to expand, organizations are recognizing the need to be coordinated and transparent around how automation and AI are being used and controlled across the enterprise. On this podcast, Brad speaks with Dr. Federico Berruti, partner at McKinsey & Company, who explains how companies can more effectively understand and get a handle on all of the new risks that intelligent automation presents to an organization.

Here’s what we talked with Federico about:

  • What prompted McKinsey to write an article on managing the risks and returns of intelligent automation
  • Why it is important to manage both risks and returns together
  • New risks that automation and AI create across an organization
  • Steps companies can take to manage risks and returns more effectively
  • Challenges organizations facing when trying to manage IA risks and returns and how to mitigate them
  • When risk management in IA should be addressed

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