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Meet Your New Digital Expert

Time: 33:15
Transform NOW Podcast with Ryan Falkenberg of CLEVVA

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Building Digital Experts That Perform Like Human Experts

Most companies have tried to help customers using FAQs, chatbots or live chat, and in many cases customers find these digital experiences unsatisfactory. To address this, CLEVVA offers every customer a digital expert at their fingertips, one capable of resolving their query, issue or complaint in context, and without the need to bring a human in the loop or ask them to read and solve it themselves. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Ryan Falkenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of CLEVVA, who explains how their front office digital experts are capable and competent enough to offer a level of customer experience that historically could only be provided by a human expert.

Here’s what we talked with Ryan about:

  • How the CLEVVA front office digital expert functions
  • How CLEVVA digital experts work with chatbots
  • How CLEVVA front office digital experts are built
  • The advanced capabilities CLEVVA utilizes
  • Benefits realized from front office digital experts
  • Industry penetration by CLEVVA
  • How CLEVVA and Blue Prism are partnering
  • An example of CLEVVA and Blue Prism combining to solve a customer pain point
  • What the future looks like for CLEVVA digital experts

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