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Moving Rapidly Toward Autonomous Automation

Time: 26:14
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Lou Bachenheimer of Blue Prism

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Where Will RPA Go Next?

Robotic Process Automation has quickly evolved into the era of Intelligent Automation, where digital workers are augmented with intelligent skills powered by AI services to enable the automation of business processes with increasing complexity. The excitement in what lies ahead for RPA is building.

On this episode, Brad Hairston talks with Dr. Lou Bachenheimer, Solution Architecture Team Lead at Blue Prism, who explains what Autonomous Automation is all about.

Here’s what we talked with Lou about:

  • The era of Intelligent Automation and the pace at which companies are embracing AI skills
  • What the next phase in the evolution of RPA, Autonomous Automation, entails
  • What the end-to-end automation lifecycle looks like in a world of Autonomous Automation
  • What self-healing robots and self-learning robots are all about
  • Why Autonomous Automation is important / necessary
  • Blue Prism’s approach to enabling Autonomous Automation
  • Why Blue Prism has chosen a best-of-breed versus build-it-yourself approach for Autonomous Automation
  • Why reimagining/redesigning work matters so much in the migration to Autonomous Automation

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