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Pfizer Gets Medicine to Market Faster with the Help of Digital Workers

Time: 19:46
Transform NOW Podcast with Vivek Khurana of Pfizer

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Intelligent Automation Helps Pfizer Speed Time to Market

Making Work Faster, Easier, and Driving Better Patient Outcomes with Automation. Back in 2017, Vivek Khurana, Head of Automation Services at Pfizer, set out on the mission to make breakthrough changes to patient outcomes by making work faster and easier for those working behind the scenes. This mission included using a host of AI and Automation technologies to streamline processes, making them more efficient and enabling staff to focus on more rewarding tasks. Fast forward four years and Pfizer has completely reimagined how work is done and the relationship between human and digital worker teams, while saving more than 30,000 hours annually.

Here’s what we talked with Vivek about:

  • The success story that is intelligent automation at Pfizer
  • How digital workers help get medicines to market faster
  • How Pfizer is delivering better patient outcomes with intelligent automation

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