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Putting Culture First in Digital Transformation

Time: 27:21
Transform NOW Podcast with Kieran Gilmurray of Digital Automation and Robotics Limited

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Digital Transformation Is a Do or Die Quagmire

There are many trends and business imperatives pointing to digital transformation as a do or die situation, now more than ever. On this podcast, Xina Seaton interviews Kieran Gilmurray, author, speaker and transformation guru about the digital Darwinism he sees sweeping across businesses and the trends leading there. He shares key success factors for companies deploying digital solutions starting with managing change, creating a culture of lifelong learning and leaning into leadership who have technical prowess to own digital transformation versus delegating it to IT. Ultimately, the organizations that have created exceptional digital experiences for their staff and clients are accelerating - those who have not are dying and don't even know it, yet.

Here’s what we talked with Kieran about:

  • Digital Darwinism at play today - businesses must transform, or they'll die.
  • Why digital transformation is nearly impossible without a company culture that supports change.
  • The role education has and how being a 'lifelong learner' is necessary to thrive in the digital world.

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