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Reskilling in the Digital Era

Time: 19:23
Transform NOW Podcast with Lora Bucsis of SAIT

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Unlocking New Opportunities

As the way we work changes, employees are looking for new ways to add to their capabilities and change the way they approach work. Companies and public sector organizations are adopting automation to improve their efficiencies and enhance their customer's experiences. However, these same organizations are struggling to find employees who understand how to lead and get the most out of an automation program. Michael Marchuk talked with Lora Bucis from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) about how their program to reskill professionals looking to enhance their capabilities helps unlock new opportunities within their current employer, but also potential to change their role with a new job locally or globally.

Here’s what we talked with Lora about:

  • The skills that employees need are changing quickly and new skills are required to satisfy those needs
  • Opportunities to engage in meaningful work within an automation program expand beyond the local economy
  • How higher-education institutions are addressing the reskilling that industry is clamoring for

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