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Robots Managing Robots to Drive Scale and Operational Excellence

Time: 21:06
Transform NOW Podcast with Erik Lien of RPA Supervisor

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The Hyperautomation Orchestrator

The substantial benefits of a hybrid (digital and human) workforce are well proven. However, early successes with intelligent automation do not always result in an enterprise solution that is scaled across functions and business units. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Erik Lien, CEO of RPA Supervisor, who explains why many companies struggle to scale their automation capability and how his AI-driven orchestration platform provides a path for doing so.

Here’s what we talked with Erik about:

  • The role that RPA Supervisor plays in intelligent automation
  • The most significant benefits companies have realized from RPA Supervisor
  • How RPA Supervisor improves visibility into the performance of the digital workforce for executive management
  • The importance of addressing RPA operations early in the intelligent automation journey
  • Industry track record and future growth for RPA Supervisor
  • Customer examples where RPA Supervisor and Blue Prism were utilized together

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