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Seizing the Automation Opportunity in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Time: 28:29
Transform NOW Podcast with Matt Gustitus of Digital Workforce Solution

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Scaling Automation Faster

Healthcare and life sciences companies are embracing intelligent automation to add the operational agility needed in these demanding times. However, many of these organizations are not moving fast enough or achieving their objectives. On this podcast, Brad speaks with Matt Gustitus, CEO and Founder of Digital Workforce Solution, who explains how his consultancy is helping healthcare and life sciences organizations leverage automation faster and more effectively.

Here’s what we talked with Matt about:

  • Matt’s transition from 20+ years of SAP work in industry to an automation leadership role at a large pharma
  • The origin of Matt’s automation consultancy, Digital Workforce Solution
  • Why healthcare and life sciences are ripe for automation
  • The biggest obstacles to the success of automation programs
  • How Matt’s firm helps clients build the right vision for intelligent automation and think big
  • How Digital Workforce Solution helped a non-profit healthcare system of a major university significantly scale their automation program in its first year
  • How digital workers saved the March Madness Final Four in 2021

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