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Simplifying AI for the Enterprise

Time: 26:59
Transform NOW Podcast with Michael Kern of DataRobot

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Empowering Citizen Data Scientists

The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its ability to delivery high value to the business is undeniable. Many organizations are looking for ways to make AI more accessible and easier to support. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Michael Kern, Director AI Enablement and GTM Execution at DataRobot, who explains how DataRobot simplifies AI and helps companies establish "citizen data scientists." Also discussed is how is how DataRobot and RPA digital workers combine to bring a more impactful intelligent automation solution.

Here’s what we talked with Michael about:

  • An overview of DataRobot’s “AI Cloud”
  • Where DataRobot typically lands within an organization
  • How DataRobot empowers citizen data scientists
  • How RPA (Blue Prism) and AI (DataRobot) are better together
  • Customer success stories that involve digital workers provisioning DataRobot
  • Where AI is on the rise

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