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Succeeding at Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

Time: 29:11
Transform NOW Podcast with Alastair Robertson of Zurich

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Zurich Impacts Customer Experience with Digital Transformation

Enterprise-wide digital transformation is the nirvana businesses are striving for in today's competitive market. On this episode, Xina Seaton interviews the mastermind behind Zurich's successful program, Ally Robertson and he shares his experience on why you just need to start somewhere and don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Let customers drive the transformation priorities and in doing so you'll gain a competitive advantage with every step. These advantages come in both attracting talent and improving customer's experience, what can be better than that.

Here’s what we talked with Ally about:

  • Why digital transformation is hard and the biggest driver of challenges
  • The competitive advantage that digitally transformed customer experiences give businesses
  • The importance of and how Zurich is developing digital skills for their employees

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