Podcast | 142

#BreakTheBias: Supporting Age Diversity and Inclusion in Intelligent Automation

Time: 19:25
Transform NOW Podcast with Taylor McTaggart of Zurich Insurance Company

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Successful Apprenticeship Catapults Young Career in Automation

Intelligent Automation has brought fought a number of new career opportunities to young and old. On this podcast, Xina Seaton talks with Taylor McTaggart, Continuous Improvement Consultant with Zurich Insurance about jumping directly from high school to a large corporate environment where she was 5 to 10 years younger than her counterparts. She speaks about how she leveraged this generational gap and used it in her favor to allow help her show her strengths and demonstrate the value her youthful perspective brought to the team.

Here’s what we talked with Taylor about:

  • Why she chose to leave school at 17 for an apprenticeship in technology
  • How she has seen multi-generational teams grow and gain from that inclusion
  • Insights for both her own and the older generations when it comes to getting comfortable with different age groups

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