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Tackling Fraud with AI-enabled Digital Workers

Time: 25:25
Transform NOW Podcast with James Duez of Rainbird Technologies

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How do we stem the rising tide of fraud?

Fraud has consistently increased year over year, and the pandemic has only made the situation worse. Organizations in industries most affected by fraud have realized that the combination of manpower and systems to mitigate this problem can only go so far.

On this episode, Brad Hairston talks with James Duez, CEO and co-founder of Rainbird Technologies, who explains how intelligent automation is helping companies address fraud much more effectively.

Here’s what we talked with James about:

  • Which types of fraudulent behavior have seen an increase
  • What the fraud investigation process looks like in most companies today
  • How employees and customers are impacted by fraud
  • How current technology comes up short in the battle against fraud
  • How Rainbird deals with new fraudulent schemes that arise frequently
  • How Blue Prism and Rainbird combine to provide an end-to-end fraud detection automation solution
  • How intelligent automation affects the compliance function
  • What fraud investigation will look like in the future

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