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Taking Automation to the Next Level with IDP

Time: 15:21
Transform NOW Podcast with Rob Kennedy of Capgemini North America

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Tackling Forms and Paper-Based Processes

Too many organizations using robotic process automation have not yet given their digital workers the ability to validate and extract data from structured and semi-structured documents. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Rob Kennedy, Director of Automation and Artificial Intelligence at Capgemini, who explains how his consultancy plans to change this by helping companies add Intelligent Document Processing to their automation footprint.

Here’s what we talked with Rob about:

  • The importance of intelligent automation and AI to Capgemini
  • Why helping companies add or enhance their IDP capability is a priority for Capgemini
  • How IDP elevates the automation value across the organization
  • Why Capgemini is leveraging Decipher, Blue Prism’s native capability for IDP
  • How Decipher works
  • Great use cases for IDP that are common across organizations
  • Capgemini’s approach to helping companies adopt IDP
  • An IDP customer success story

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