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Taking Healthcare to the Next Level Digitally

Time: 38:12
Transform NOW Podcast with Duff Glaser and Anna Twomey of Blue Prism

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Enabling World-Class Care for Patients

No industry has played a bigger, more impactful role during the global pandemic than healthcare. In the face of incredible obstacles, healthcare professionals around the world have performed so admirably and worked at a pace that most of us could not endure. Now, more than ever, it is critical for the industry to embrace intelligent automation to relieve the administrative burden on practitioners and also improve the overall patient experience. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Duff Glaser, Sr. Director - Healthcare, and Anna Twomey, Sr. Solutions Advisor - Healthcare, who explain the many benefits of digital transformation in healthcare and why now is the perfect time to begin the journey.

Here’s what we talked with Duff and Anna about:

  • The workforce of the future for healthcare
  • The biggest problems in healthcare that intelligent automation can solve
  • How automation impacts the patient user experience
  • How much of the patient journey can be automated
  • How digital workers increase collaboration amongst caregivers and their ecosystem
  • How healthcare worker fatigue can be mitigated
  • How patient data privacy is addressed when utilizing intelligent automation
  • How to achieve a robust, scalable, enterprise RPA deployment without lengthy development timeframes
  • Examples of healthcare organizations realizing real dollar savings from intelligent automation

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