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Taking Intelligent Automation to New Heights with INVOKE

Time: 28:48
Transform NOW Podcast with Johnny Ramondino of INVOKE

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Speeding up the Base of Innovation

A little over five years ago, INVOKE came into existence as a consultancy focused on guiding companies through their intelligent automation journey. Since that time, they have greatly expanded the scope of services and solutions that they offer to the market. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Johnny Ramondino, CEO of INVOKE, who explains how his company continues to innovate new intelligent automation solutions in step with the evolving needs of their customers.

Here’s what we talked with Johnny about:

  • What INVOKE is all about
  • What excites Johnny the most about being the CEO of a consulting firm in this space
  • Skills needed to support a digital workforce
  • Overview of INVOKE’s ARIA solution and its key benefits
  • Examples of RPA-as-a-Service solutions developed by INVOKE
  • How INVOKE’s customer needs have evolved over time
  • INVOKE’s work in the supply chain area
  • What the future looks like for intelligent automation

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