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Teaching Robots to Read

Time: 22:13
Transform NOW Podcast with Slater Victoroff of Indico Data

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Unlocking the Value of Unstructured Data

In this episode, host Michael Marchuk talks with Slater Victoroff, CTO and Founder of Indico Data, about finding value in the data that is hidden away in unstructured documents and emails. Organizations struggle to extract data from unstructured documents, but not just because the information is difficult to extract from a form, but because there is no context for that information. New platforms are making it easier for intelligent automation to extract information and understand the context of that data to ensure that complex, multi-part forms and document series are processed as a set with auditable outputs.

Here’s what we talked with Slater about:

  • Why OCR is only the start of true intelligent document processing
  • How templates for processing documents can become overwhelming to maintain
  • How to combine document processing and intelligent automation to manage document packages with a true audit trail

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