Podcast | 129

The Convergence of Decision Intelligence and Automation

Time: 19:55
Transform NOW Podcast with Eric Maloney of Axis Group

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Acting on Insights at the Speed of Business

Most companies have invested heavily in decision intelligence applications; however, the insights produced by these solutions are often not acted upon in a timely, effective manner. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Eric Maloney, Digital Transformation Specialist at Axis Group, who explains how the combination of decision intelligence and automation is a game-changer.

Here’s what we talked with Eric about:

  • Decision intelligence defined
  • How this area has evolved in recent years
  • Where decision intelligence intersects with the world of RPA and intelligent automation
  • Specific ways digital workers can help companies bolster their decision intelligence capability
  • Insights produced by decision intelligence applications that would highly benefit from near real-time responses
  • Where the combination of decision intelligence and automation will go in the future

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