Podcast | 110

The Cultural Side of Digital Transformation

Time: 31:13
Transform NOW Podcast with Clayton Gammill of KPMG

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Human-Centric Design Thinking

In the current era of digital transformation, where reinventing work is the new norm, many leaders are simply not focusing enough attention on the mindset of their human workforce. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Clayton Gammill, Managing Director at KPMG, who explains how companies can effectively intertwine digital and cultural transformation in a way that improves the success of these large-scale change initiatives.

Here’s what we talked with Clayton about:

  • The biggest factors in the current economy driving companies toward transformation
  • How the current wave of transformation is creating more anxiety for the average worker
  • How people typically view transformation initiatives
  • The relationship between digital transformation and cultural transformation
  • How leaders can address the human aspect more effectively during transformation initiatives
  • Moving past the fear of digital workforce replacing the human workforce
  • How reinventing oneself is the new normal
  • How understaffing will accelerate the adoption of digital labor
  • What the enterprise of the future will look like
  • How organizations should begin their digital transformation journey

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