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The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI

Time: 29:24
Transform NOW Podcast with Miguel Carrasco of BCG

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Preparing Well for the Evolution of Work

As the pace of change in the digital economy continues to accelerate, organizations in both the public and private sectors are eagerly trying to assess the impacts of emerging technology on their workforces. BCG recently co-authored a report with Faethm titled "The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI" that offers some interesting projections about what the future may hold. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Miguel Carrasco, Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG, who explains the report's findings and recommendations.

Here’s what we talked with Miguel about:

  • Key learnings about workforce supply and demand in the years to come
  • The impact of automation and AI impact jobs on both blue collar and white collar jobs
  • New jobs that will surface in the coming years to offset job reductions
  • Where the biggest job shortfalls are projected to be in 2030
  • Where the demand for talent will be most pronounced in 2030
  • What country leaders, companies and individuals can do to prepare well for the evolution of work

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