Podcast | 162

The Potential Impact of Quantum Computing on Intelligent Automation

Time: 26:28
Transform NOW Podcast with Nicholas Lee of Fujitsu

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Further (Positive) Disruption is Around the Corner

The buzz around quantum computing is building, although most people don't fully understand what it is and how it will impact society. One thing is for sure - It will have an impact. On this podcast, Brad Hairston speaks with Nicholas Lee, Vice-Head Solution Innovation & Consulting at Fujitsu, who explains how quantum computing will transform many different industries through boosting the power and speed of technology beyond anything we have seen to date.

Here’s what we talked with Nicholas about:

  • Quantum computing explained
  • How quantum computing as evolved
  • Countries and industries that are currently the most advanced in quantum computing
  • Common use cases for quantum computing
  • How quantum computing impacts RPA and AI
  • The top constraints around quantum computing
  • Predictions for quantum computing
  • Fujitsu’s role in advancing quantum computing

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