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The Power of Design Thinking with WonderBotz - Part 2

Time: 22:07
Transform NOW Podcast The Power of Design Thinking with WonderBotz - Part 2

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Transformation Requires Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Technical talent goes a long way when deploying technology, but when you are looking for transformation, it requires the ability to think differently about how you might achieve the outcome, based on what you know about the technology. On this podcast, Xina Seaton speaks with four Blue Prism Community MVPs from Wonderbotz, Devneet Mohanty - Sr. Consultant, Amlan Sahoo - Senior RPA Developer, Tejaskumar Darji - Technical Lead, and MuraliKrishna Kodi Sr. Consultant to explore the role of design thinking and how to approach each automation to ensure the best business outcomes. Step back and take a strategically different approach to further the gains of simply automating yesterday's process.

Here's what we talked with Devneet, Amlan, Tejaskumar, and MuraliKrishna about:

  • The role of design thinking in the technical team’s work
  • Take a jigsaw puzzle approach to get to better quality, faster
  • Using visualization techniques to apply knowledge to the problem at hand
  • The evolution over the past four years must be considered in solution design and development

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