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The Role of HR in Managing Human and Digital Resources

Time: 28:04
Transform Now The Role of HR in Managing Human and Digital Resources

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Building an Adaptive Workforce

The role of the HR team has always been about "humans" - it's in the title. But as organizations begin adopting a more flexible resourcing pool that includes human and digital workers, how will the HR function adapt to these changes to help accelerate HR digital transformation in the organization as a whole? Michael Marchuk talked with Blue Prism's Connie Poshala and Phil Ormond about the exciting changes that emphasize the people while exploring the options to extend the resource options to include digital workers.

Here’s what we talked with Connie and Phil about:

  • What opportunities are driving automation in HR

  • How HR leaders can be guiding executives to greater efficiencies through automation

  • How people become more valuable to the organization as automation increases

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