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The Strategic Role of Automation at Sysco

Time: 23:38
Transform NOW Podcast with Kim Meredith of Sysco

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Automation Is a Strategic Lever at Sysco

Digital strategy and automation - words we may hear used interchangeably - how do they relate and can you have one with the other? On this podcast, Xina Seaton interviews Kim Meredith with Sysco, to explore the paradigm shift she's helped inspire that's led to automation becoming a key lever the c-suite employs to achieve the business strategy. Having now evolved to the point where automations are seen as digital team members with names, business owners are starting the conversation much earlier on how to structure new job roles around the digital and human workforce. Automation is no longer an afterthought, it's being woven into how work is being defined now.

Here’s what we talked with Kim about:

  • Finding 3-seconds of crazy confidence and seeking out opportunities
  • How automation shifted from POC to strategic lever in less than 4 years
  • Using automation to change the reality of what people do day to day

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