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The Tesla Effect (Part 3 of 3)

Time: 18:04
Transform NOW Podcast with Giovanni Gentile of State Street Bank and Darshan Jain of Blue Prism

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Applying Lessons from the Automotive Sector to Financial Services

With many industries undergoing a radical shift on the advent of new technologies, now is an opportune time to learn and apply the best lessons from each. In this first episode of three in a podcast series, Giovanni Gentile brings his unique perspective and experience as a former business leader within the automotive industry to his current role as Head of Automation and AI at State Street Bank, and reflects on successful approaches carried out in his previous industry.

Here’s what Giovanni and Darshan talked about:

  • How financial services organizations apply AI automation methods in governance and executive sponsorship
  • How process selection can influence success
  • How can cultural adoption dramatically accelerate the pace of automation

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