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The Working Future - More Human, Not Less

Time: 31:08
Transform NOW Podcast with Ted Shelton of Bain & Company

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Addressing the Organizational Side of Digital Transformation

As companies strive to transform themselves in this digital era, cultural barriers present a huge challenge to the sustainability and overall success of their efforts. On this podcast, Brad Hairston speaks with Ted Shelton, expert partner at Bain & Company, who explains how the workforce is rapidly evolving and how company leaders need to change the way they think about and develop their human labor.

Here’s what we talked with Ted about:

  • How the workforce has been transforming since before COVID
  • How technology has impacted the overall employability of the workforce
  • Humanizing work through intelligent automation
  • How the underlying work is changing
  • How most companies are faring in reskilling their workforce
  • What needs to change in the contract between employers and workers
  • What the enterprise of the future looks like
  • How company leaders should prepare for the future of work

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