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Thinking Like Amazon in the Era of Intelligent Automation

Time: 30:42
Podcast presented by Blue Prism - Transform NOW - John Rossman

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A Former Amazon Executive Weighs In

The incredible success of Amazon/AWS inspires many companies to follow their example. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with John Rossman, digital and innovation advisor and author, who explains how companies can emulate Amazon's leadership principles and be boldly disruptive.

Here’s what we talked with John about:

  • John’s role at Amazon and what inspired him to write The Amazon Way
  • Which Amazon leadership principles are the most relevant to today’s current business environment
  • How companies should approach workforce transformation
  • Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk” and its relevance to where things are going with automation
  • What’s driving “the great resignation” and how to retain the best employees
  • The secret behind AWS’ success and its importance to Amazon overall
  • Whether or not organizations are taking advantage of AI skills aggressively enough
  • What it takes to be a disruptor like Amazon
  • The two words that embody digital transformation

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