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Transforming Business Models with AI and Automation

Time: 27:43
Transform NOW Podcast with Eric Daimler of Conexus AI

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How AI Knowledge is Power

In this episode, host Michael Marchuk talks with Dr. Eric Daimler, CEO of Conexus AI and an expert with over 20 years in artificial intelligence and a Presidential Innovation Fellow during the Obama Administration. Eric shares his thoughts on automation and AI as it relates to the context of our knowledge and processing and provides insights on business automation as every company becomes an "AI business".

Here’s what we talked with Eric about:

  • How implicit knowledge can be encapsulated using AI to create explicit, sharable knowledge across the organization
  • Why data in context is critical to the application of AI
  • Where RPA and AI will leverage category theory to extend the useful lifespan of existing systems as new systems are introduced in an organization

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