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Why Companies Need to Automate Faster

Time: 19:12
Transform NOW Podcast with Michael Heric of Bain & Company

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Picking up the Pace of Transformation

Intelligent automation has entered the corporate agenda in recent years, but many organizations have not executed it with the sense of urgency necessary to survive in today's rapidly changing business environment. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Michael Heric, Partner at Bain & Company, who explains why companies should accelerate their automation efforts and how many are doing so today.

Here’s what we talked with Michael about:

  • The general pace of intelligent automation across most companies
  • Some thoughts on automation centers of excellence
  • What IT should do to accelerate the pace of automation programs
  • Moving beyond the proof-of-concept stage
  • Leaders re-evaluating how work gets done in their organizations
  • CHRO involvement in intelligent automation programs
  • The impact of intelligent automation on BPO
  • Automation opportunities that are untapped in most companies
  • Industries poised to make a big move with intelligent automation in 2022 and beyond

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