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Women in RPA | Growing a Career in IA

Time: 22:05
Transform NOW Podcast with Vandana Khanna of Unilever

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Hear Directly from a Digital Finance Transformation Leader

In this episode of Transform Now, Xina Seaton talks with Vandana Khanna, digital finance transformation director from Unilever about her career and how she got to where she is today. She shares how passion for doing routine things differently has been a huge motivator to merge her MBA education with her technical acumen to become a leader in tech. If you are interested in how to grow a #career in a constantly changing and evolving environment such as Intelligent Automation and #transform your career, then this is the podcast for you.

Here’s what we talked with Vandana about:

  • Where she started and how she grew her career to where she is today
  • Critical skillset you need today to be a business leader in a STEM career
  • What we all can do to encourage more girls to take on STEM careers
  • What's exciting about a career in IA and why you should consider one

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