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  • How organizations are scaling their automation capability to adapt and thrive in a digital age.

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What you'll learn in our automation podcast

In each episode, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to use intelligent automation (IA) technologies to accelerate your business transformation. Hear from business leaders and technology experts as they guide you through their stories, advice and best practices for automation. Whether you’re in banking, business services or somewhere in between, you’ll find IA stories to help you realize the best transformation strategies.

  • Learn expert automation best practices and advice.
  • Discover how to use AI and automation to drive business outcomes.
  • Hear about industry trends, strategies and the future of automation.

Who you'll hear from in this automation podcast

Join our automation expert hosts Brad and Michael as they delve deep into topics such as AI and automation, industry trends and the future of work. Learn about the power of automation from industry leaders, technology founders, analyst firms and consultancies – with previous guests including thought leaders from McKinsey, Bain & Company and many more world-leading organizations.

  • Listen to automation expert conversations.
  • Hear from our customers about their automation journey and best practices.
  • Learn from authors, academics and other thought leaders in automation and AI.

About the Hosts

Brad Hairston

Brad Hairston

Brad Hairston manages SS&C Blue Prism's relationship with the top global advisory firms, helps customers extend the value of their automation capability and writes/speaks/podcasts on the topic of intelligent automation. Prior to SS&C Blue Prism, Brad spent nearly 30 years in the consulting industry helping companies in both the private and public sector effectively utilize technology to execute business strategy.

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Michael Marchuk

Michael Marchuk

As a VP of strategic advisory at SS&C Blue Prism, Michael Marchuk helps business leaders reimagine their workforce, operations and customer experiences. With over three decades of hands-on industry experience and an unwavering passion for solving real-world cases, Michael is your ultimate strategic partner to build the enterprise of the future – with a digital workforce empowered by AI, cloud and RPA.

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