Accelerating digital transformation in telecoms with intelligent automation

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Digital Era

Telecom operators are facing increasing challenges in the digital era. They must compete to make uninterrupted, affordable and cutting-edge services available while improving the overall customer experience.

New technologies such as 5G represent a fundamental shift and open the huge potential for new service offerings, like mobile shopping using augmented reality, smart city deployments that connect traffic lights, parking meters, connected cars and automated manufacturing plants. Each of these new advancements will place new demands on bandwidth, customer support and service delivery.

How intelligent automation is driving transformation in Telecoms

In this video, learn how telecom operators are accelerating their digital transformation and operationalizing 5G by deploying Blue Prism’s digital workforce to automate time-consuming, repetitive and complex tasks, giving time back to human workers to focus on business critical tasks.

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