Automated Fraud Detection - Blue Prism + Rainbird

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Rainbird brings automated decision-making to Blue Prism RPA, giving customers the ability to replicate and scale human expertise. The Blue Prism and Rainbird technology alliance partnership integrates Rainbird’s decision automation platform with Blue Prism RPA to deliver end-to-end intelligent automation at scale. Blue Prism orchestrates the tasks and workflow of the digital worker, while Rainbird automates the nuanced human decision-making which occurs within these processes.

The combination of Rainbird and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means that wherever employees are making decisions that are commercial, transactional and high-volume, businesses can now use an integrated solution that can fully automate and augment the human decision-making process. Rainbird improves the speed, accuracy, scale and transparency of decision-making. A Blue Prism digital worker can refer to Rainbird to solve a problem and then act on the answer provided, without needing to refer to a human worker. This can remove major bottlenecks within complex transactional processes which would previously require frequent and time-consuming human intervention.

Watch our fraud detection automation use case video to uncover the benefits of true end-to-end process automation, brought to you by Blue Prism and Rainbird. 

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