Healthcare Customer Transformation Story: NHS

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In 2018, Darren Atkins pioneered the adoption of intelligent automation at one of the UK's largest regional National Health Service organizations; The East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust. Within months Darren's digital workforce was delivering on its promise to free up more time for staff to focus on patient care. He hasn't looked back since and demand within all corners of ESNEFT, to automate high priority patient processes as well as back office processes, has surged. Not content with limiting the benefits of automation to a single Trust, Darren has spearheaded the initiative to create an NHS DX through which automations can be shared at no cost with other NHS bodies across the country. Darren recognizes an opportunity for change is not limited by local boundaries but extends to the whole of the UK's NHS. 

In this session he sets out his vision for integrating digital workers into the very fabric of this treasured national institution and discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the deployment of intelligent automation solutions across the health sector.

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