Introducing Automation Reduce Processing times for Financial Assistance Applications

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Serving citizens of Mölndal better

With the help of RPA and automation, the city of Mölndal has dramatically reduced the processing time for applications for financial assistance. Previously, it took about three weeks from the time the application was received until you could pay the assistance to the citizen. Now the city of Mölndal have managed to reduce that time to three days. In addition to being faster, the experience for the citizens is much better. Those who apply for financial assistance do not have to come to the municipality's reception and submit the application, instead you can fill in the application from home on the web at your own pace. The digital worker now handles all administrative work, and the employees can focus on making the right assessment and making the right decision instead.

Solutions from Blue Prism helps public sector organizations find new ways to keep pace with evolving missions and increased citizen expectations, even with an aging technology.

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