Nordea Maintains Its Leadership Position with Intelligent Automation

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Financial Industry Leader Using Intelligent Automation

Maintaining a leadership position in any industry these days is never guaranteed. In the increasingly dynamic financial services sector, disrupted as it is by fast-moving competition and shifting rulebooks at every turn, staying on top can be a challenge.

Nordea - a 200-year-old bank in one of the most digitally sophisticated parts of the world – is no stranger to digital dynamism. It was delivering online banking services to millions before the turn of the millennium, when most the world was still mailing in checks. 

It was around the same time that it took the name ‘Nordea’, a contraction of the words ‘Nordic’ and ‘ideas’.

Embracing Robotic Process Automation

Fast forward to 2015 and its latest big idea was to embrace Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a cornerstone of its strategy. RPA offered the promise of rewriting the way Nordea did business, transforming internal processes, reducing human error, improving staff experience, and lowering costs. It would also ultimately help allow the bank to develop layers of added intelligence and AI.

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